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During the discourse of delving into the depths of design, Daniel Dittmar developed a disdain for dignitaries and dilettantes alike, displaying detrimental, destructive, and dispiriting deeds. Despite damply dilating such doings with directional dynamism through detailed doctrines and decadent drudgery, depravity doesn't die.

Desecration of dames, drugs and Drambuie provided decent dosage during the dusk till dawn days, but Dittmar discovered this developed a disharmony with his design and a deviation of his disciplines and demeanour. He duly deterred.

The discotheque of discord still despicably dwells despondently (sometimes dormant) so the duel for design decency isn't done!

Dittmar's decree is a desire to desegregate different design disciplines, and diffuse the local district through distinctive, deluxe and dexterous design.

Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there.